First Fall Bean Hole Bean Supper Coming Up

Looking for a reasonable meal for the whole family in a friendly atmosphere? The next Bean Hole Bean Supper at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church is this Saturday, September 22nd.
The famous Bean Hole Bean Suppers continue to be a long standing tradition at PVUMC. Started over 60 years ago, the suppers occur three times each year with one in the spring and two in the fall. Each supper offers three seating times, at 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 7:00 pm.

The meals are served ‘family style’ in the Fellowship Hall and Sunday School classrooms. The menu includes:
New England style baked beans served hot from the bean pot

Sliced deli honey-baked ham
Homemade cole slaw and potato salad
Fresh dinner rolls
“Dessert of the Day” homemade desserts. Each supper offers a different seasonal dessert selection; diabetic selections are also available.

Reservations are recommended as the seatings fill up pretty quickly. If you would like to join them for a meal, please call 860-379-9398.

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2 thoughts on “First Fall Bean Hole Bean Supper Coming Up

  1. Can I please have the receipt for the beans served at the bean whole dinner. I can’t live without them. Thank you, Debra

  2. We are pleased that you enjoyed our Bean Hole Bean Supper enough to want the recipe. Part of the wonderful flavor in our beans is developed by the cooking process in which the bean pots are stacked over hot coals in our bean pit for about 8 hours. That would be difficult to duplicate in a home kitchen. And, unfortunately, we are not able to share the specifics of the recipe. Please feel free to purchase extra quarts of beans when you’re at out next supper; they freeze very well. Thank you again for your interest.

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