Weather Related Cancellation! Wednesday, March 7th

Tonight’s Prayer and Praise service and the Lenten Bible Study will be cancelled due to the big snowstorm that is bearing down on us. Stay safe everyone if you have to be out in the storm!

March 2018 edition of our church newsletter is now available!

The latest edition of our church newsletter, The Link, is now online. We’ve got a very active month ahead of us so click on the Link tab at the top of the page and see what’s happening in our church this month!

Community Food Bank Calendar: March 2018

The Community Food Bank, housed at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church, services residents in New Hartford and Barkhamsted. The March calendar is below. To view it larger, simply click on the calendar.

Worship Time Change!

IMPORTANT NOTICE!! Beginning this Sunday, March 4th, our worship service normally at 9:30 am will begin at 9am. For the next 4 months, through the end of June, Pastor Lee and Polly will be assisting the Canaan UMC as their pastor is unable to continue her service at this time. PVUMC will continue to have an 8am service with communion each week, and another service at 9am. Pastor Lee and Polly will be kept pretty busy during this time so keep them in your prayers for strength and stamina as they continue to do God’s work in both of these congregations.

Ash Wednesday Worship Services and Lenten Study

On Wednesday, February 14th, we not only celebrate a day of love, Valentine’s Day, but also the events that lead up to God’s greatest sign of His love for us as He leads His son on the path to the cross. The worship services to recognize Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of the journey, will take place at noon and at 7:00 pm. Both services will offer the imposition of ashes for those who wish it.

This year the Lenten Study will begin on Wednesday, February 21st, at 7:00 pm, and continue on February 28th, March 4th, March 14th, and March 21st. We will be studying the book entitled With Jesus in the Upper Room, by Maxie Dunnam. This course of study is open to anyone who wishes to participate; the cost of the book is $12.49 and we request that you contact Pastor Lee to let him know of your interest (so he can order a book for you) by February 6th.

Here is a brief description of the course, as taken from the internet:

        The last supper with Jesus was a momentous occasion for the disciples. This was the last intimate time Jesus had with His disciples, and has been called “Jesus’ Final Discourse.” Some biblical scholars refer to it as “Jesus’ Last Will and Testament to His Church.”

        Jesus knows that this is the last time He is physically going to spend with you. He knows He’s going to die. What does He need to say? What lessons has He taught you that He needs to underscore? How does He need to relate? What actions does He need to take to make clear who He is and what He has tried to communicate? His words in the Upper Room were as monumental for his twelve disciples then as they are for His contemporary disciples now.

        In this seven-week study, Maxie Dunnam leads readers through John 13–17 to this most precious legacy of Jesus’ teaching, the distillation of His thought and message—what He really wants us to hear. We are His modern friends, to whom He speaks as lovingly as He did to His friends in the Upper Room. Knowing all of this, will you listen to Him?

We’ve Got a Busy Month Ahead…

As February blows in, we find we’ve got a busy month ahead of us at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church! More details can be found in our church newsletter, The Link, which can be viewed by clicking on The Link tab at the top of the page, but  some highlights will be shared in upcoming posts.

On Shrove Tuesday, we will celebrate with our annual Pancake Supper. The men of the church are the chefs and they provide a delicious selection of “breakfast for dinner” treats, including a variety of pancakes, sausage, and REAL maple syrup! The fun starts at 6:00 pm and is open to anyone who would like to come. Although there is no charge for the meal, a ‘good-will offering’ jar will be available should you wish to help out with expenses. Come join us for a fun event!!

The Link Newsletter for February 2018

The latest edition of our church newsletter, The Link, is now online. We’ve got a very active month ahead of us so click on the Link tab at the top of the page and see what’s happening in our church this month!