Ash Wednesday Worship Service

An Ash Wednesday worship service will be held at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church, beginning at 7pm on February 17th. The service will be in-person, maintaining the covid-19 guidelines of wearing masks, social distancing, etc. Ashes will be distributed in a safe manner. If you prefer to watch the on-line service, it will be available on Facebook or YouTube. In the case of bad weather, the service will be cancelled. Should the service be cancelled it will be announced on the closings on CBS tv listings.

Drive-Thru Valentine’s Day Event

Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church invites the community to a ‘drive-thru’ Valentine’s Day event. The event runs from noon on Sunday, February 14th to 2pm. Stay in your car and drive to the various stations in our large parking lot. You will be welcomed and given some fun things at each station to remind you that love began with God, our Heavenly Father. Hope to see you there!

Church Newsletter “The Link”: February 2021

The February edition of our church newsletter, The Link, is now available on-line. To see what’s happening, follow this link:

Althought in-person services are not available right now due to the covid19 situation, Pastor Mike, Karen, and David can still be found in the Sanctuary each Sunday morning at 10am to lead us in worship. We can continue to praise our Lord, and give thanks for the blessings in our lives by tuning into the service on our Facebook page or the YouTube page. Links to both those options can be found at the right side of the screen. Just because we can’t show up doesn’t mean that God won’t be there! So, come join with us on Sunday morning! It’s an uplifting hour of music and message!!

The 2021 first edition of our newsletter is here!

It’s 2021 already! Out with the old 2020 year and in with the new. Let’s start the new year with a renewed spirit and high hopes for the best year ever! Our January edition of the church newsletter, The Link, can be found here. Click on the link below to see what’s happening this month.

Due to the uptick in covid-19 cases in CT, our services for the forseeable future will take place on-line. Please join us virtually as we worship each Sunday at 10am. Connection information can be found on the right side of this screen. No matter where we are we know that God will show up and we hope you do too!

2021 Community Food Bank Calendar

Happy New Year! Shown below is the January calendar for the Community Food Bank, located at Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church. If you’ve visited the Food Bank in the past, please note the change in hours for the winter months. Should you wish to make a donation to the Food Bank, or if you have questions, please call the number listed and leave a message for Pat.

The Community Food Bank serves the towns of Barkhamsted and New Hartford. Throughout this year of covid-19, the Food Bank has been a steady source of food for it’s clients. Social distance is maintained, and covid-19 protocols have been observed. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to visit this local, well-stocked food bank.

Happy New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new…we hope this new year will bring you and your families much joy, togetherness, good health, and a much closer walk with Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Peace be with you all, and remember…CHRISTmas lasts all year long!

Good News!!

Sanctuary doors will be open on Christmas Eve!

Due to the fact that Barkhamsted is one of 3 towns CT that is not at Covid level “red”, we will be opening the sanctuary doors for Christmas eve service. Masks, sanitization, sign in, and social distancing are still required, but if you’re so inclined to join us for our Christmas Eve service, the doors will be open at 6:30pm. The service will begin at 7pm.  

However, the planned service is designed and geared towards an online service, so you may have to endure some “behind the scenes” sort of stuff, and heck, if you show up, we may put you to work.

Mary, did you know? I love this song, it’s one of my favorite christmas songs, it puts a lump in my throat every time i hear it.  But it seems that it’s asking Mary a question and it’s assuming she’s. . . well, umm not the brightest bulb in the batch, it’s asking her if she has any clue of what’s going on. . . suffice to say, Mary was not a dim-bulb, she was the brightest of all bulbs in the eyes of God  (even in a pre-bulb era) . . . so did mary know?   Well DUUUUH!!!  of course she knew, how could she NOT know!!  But what does this mean for us?   Join us Christmas Eve at 7PM to find out more (and to hear the song too!) 

December 2020 Newsletter!

The December 2020 edition of the church newsletter, The Link, is now available. To check out what’s happening at the church, follow this link:

Because Barkhamsted, hometown of PVUMC, is now listed in the “red” category for covid-19, the church has once again been closed. On Sunday, December 6th, the service will be held in the Sanctuary with only Pastor Mike, Karen, David, and a guest speaker (Angela Root!!) in attendance. It will be available for viewing online at the links provided to the right of this screen.

For the next few weeks, worship services will be held only online. Pastor Mike and Karen will lead us in worship from their home, and David will provide pre-recorded music. However on Christmas Eve, at 7pm, Pastor Mike, Karen, and David will ‘broadcast’ the worship service from the PVUMC Sanctuary.

While we can’t be physically together during this time, we know the Lord will be with us wherever we are and the holy babe will arrive to light the world right on time! May the spirit of Christmas enter your hearts and carry you into the new year ahead.