Bean Hole Bean Suppers 2009

The last two Bean Hole Bean Suppers are planned for September 19th and October 24th

Committee heads are in the process of lining up their teams and filling those positions that are vacant. These events are one of the major fundraisers for our church and yet are very labor-intensive. Your help is needed so if someone calls requesting your participation, please don’t hesitate to say yes!

Rally Day, September 13th

Sunday, September 13th is Rally Day and the beginning of our year of church activities, including Sunday school. We will be having a cookout with games and food for the kickoff! We invite everyone to bring hamburgers and hot dogs for their family and a side dish to share. A sign up sheet will be on the Besse table in the Narthex. Cooks will be provided
and bring a lawn chair. If you have a fun game to share bring it! This event will be rain or shine! Hope to see everyone there!

Also, the Sunday School staff is in place but we are still in need of a teacher for the Junior and High School group. We are looking for two teachers to commit to a month at a time. A month is 3 weeks because the childdren will be in service the first Sunday of every month. The sign up sheet wil be on the Besse Table in the Narthex. Please see Mindy Henry for more information.

Letter from Pastor Carl

Dear Friends,

I’m sure you have heard,“everyone is a minister” and then wondered what that really means. The pastor is also a minister, and all believers and disciples are called to be ministers on behalf of Christ, the one who calls us: “Come to Him a living stone, though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious in God’s sight, and like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Peter 2:4-5).

Pretty soon, September 13, Sunday School will begin. Many of you have signed a “Safe Sanctuaries” application, which indicates that you have some understanding of the importance of protecting our children and teachers from any misconduct or misunderstanding concerning the relationship that exists between teacher and student. What is appropriate and what is not is not always easy to discern. So we have guidelines that spell that out. To avoid any situation that may jeopardize a loving and beneficial relationship between student and teacher, Pleasant Valley UMC has a policy that every teacher and student needs a witness.

This is where you may come in to be a minister and a witness. You will get to know some children and, by your presence, you will be participating in the building of that “spiritual house” that Peter wrote about. All of us, from one to ninety-two, are like those living stones, built together to be the church, here, in Pleasant Valley. To give up your time of worship to make this church a “Safe Sanctuary” is, indeed, a “Spiritual sacrifice.”

Please see Mindy Henry at 783-7737 if you are feeling called to minister in this way. If we have many volunteers, the time commitment will be reduced and many people will have the opportunity of participating in the ministry of “Safe Sanctuaries” while being built into the household of God.

Pastor Carl

Worship Time Change

Since we now have a part time pastor, it has become necessary that we make an adjustment to our Sunday morning worship schedule. In order to make the best use of Pastor Franson’s time with us, the 8:30 and 10:00 Sunday morning services will be combined into one service.

Starting on the first Sunday in September (9/6/09), worship will begin at 9:30 a.m. We will revisit the issue of worship time and number of Sunday services when we return to full time status.

John Baum, Chairman, Staff Parish Relations Committee

Getting to know you!

To get to know the people of our church, Pastor Carl would like the opportunity to meet with you in small groups after church service.

Sign up sheets for various Sundays are on the Bessie Table in the Narthex. Since Pastor Carl will be away on Sunday, July 26th, that date is not on the sheet.

UMW August 2009

The UMW takes a break from meetings during the summer months, but we will begin meeting again in September. At that time, our hope is to have some information to share about making some changes and/or additions to our meeting schedule in order to attract more ladies.

Also at the September meeting we’ll begin collecting items for our mission kits by bringing something for the school kits. This is a good time to take advantage of the sales around on all the school supplies.

For anyone interested in contributing, a list of needed items will be available on the Bessie Table in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the remaining days of the summer. Be sure to take time to appreciate the beauty of God’s wonderful world, and to give Him your thanks.

Shalom, Margo

Letter from Pastor Carl

I’ve been your pastor for only a few days, but during those few days I have had an enjoyable time of getting to know some of the members of this church.

My wife, Dainn, and I returned from a Volunteers In Mission (VIM) trip to Cochabamba Bolivia on July 4th. Diann came down with pneumonia the next day. She remained bed ridden for almost two weeks. I confessed (from the pulpit 7/12) that I was not a very good nurturer when it comes to taking care of her needs. So, someone picked up on that and sent me home with some flowers and some food left over from that wonderful reception on my first Sunday. Thank you. Diann was able to come with me for the next Sunday; her first time out. Thank you for the cards and the prayers.

I am the coordinator for the New York Conference sponsored VIM to Bolivia, so you will hear more about this as we journey together in the coming days. This is a Conference in mission led by a bishop in mission, Jeremiah Park.

Pleasant Valley UMC is also in mission right here, right now. Mission is all about building the body of Christ both at home and far away, so the world will know how great God is I want to get to know the people of this congregation. I will need your help. I plan to have office hours on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. You may drop in for a visit during those hours or we can set a time and date that better suits your needs. I’ll be available every Tuesday from 2 – 6 p.m. for other opportunities to get together.

I intend to be present at the scheduled Tuesday evening meetings as well. I would love to be invited for a meal before the meeting. On Sundays, following worship, I will be meeting with 8-10 people who sign up at the Bessie Table. This will provide another opportunity for us to exchange our stories and experiences. This kind of “getting together” will help me to serve as your pastor and leader for the coming days.

I envision my time with you as an opportunity to lead each other to the waters of God’s grace so that we may lead others to the possibility of falling in love with God in Christ Jesus.

Love, pastor Carl Franson

Please join us in welcoming our new Pastor!

Pastor Carl Franson will be joining us Sunday, July 12th.  We will be having a special coffee hour to welcome him.  Please be prepared to wear your nametags to assist him in getting to know us all.

Pastor Carl is a retired Methodist minister who resides in Limerock with his wife, Diann.  They have five grown children and are blessed with nine grandchildren.

Carl received his Master’s from Bangor Theological Seminary and his baccalaureate from the University of Maine.  He spent seven years in Maine and three years in Vermont prior to returning to Connecticut as the pastor of the Sharon United Methodist Church for 13 years.

He is currently in Bolivia representing the New York Annual Conference and will return to the states the beginning of July.

Choir is taking the summer off

choirThe Chancel Choir is taking a much-deserved break for the summer.

Thanks to Mary Forman, our choir director extraordinaire, and the entire choir for their inspirational music for the past year.

The lovely music really makes our church “sing.”

During July and August, Mary will sk for volunteers to join together to sing the anthem each Sunday.  If you like to sing but are unable to commit to the rehearsal schedule during the winter months, this is just what you’re looking for!