Bean Hole Bean Committee Meeting Scheduled

There is a Bean Hole Bean Supper committee meeting after church on Sunday, August 25th, to discuss the viability of hosting a fall bean hole supper. All those who serve as a committee head, or serve on a committee, or are simply interested in the fate of the supper, please plan to attend this important meeting. If you are not able to attend, please contact John Baum to express your opinion.

Listen to the recent sermon!

Did you miss church this weekend and you’d really like to hear the message Pastor Mike shared? Perhaps you were working with the children in the Nursery or the Sunday School and missed the morning message. If so, don’t fret! If you go to the following web address you can hear a recording of the scripture lesson and the morning message! Check it out here:

See if you recognize the voice of the reader.

Meet Our New Pastor and His Wife!

As of July 1st we have welcomed a new pastor and his wife to our community of faith here in Pleasant Valley. When asked to provide a brief bio and photo, here is what Pastor Mike Antici shared. We invite everyone to join us in welcoming Pastor Mike and Karen to PVUMC, and would encourage you all to come visit us in worship on Sundays at 9:30am.


After being part of the New Life United Methodist Church family for more than 25 years, Mike found himself walking on a path that only God could have prepared.  He has always called Connecticut home, but even more so when he walked down the aisle of a Connecticut UMC and married the love of his life, Karen.  They settled down in their own home where Karen’s strength and trust in the Lord became contagious to Mike and he soon found himself worshiping Jesus with a love and compassion he would never have thought possible.    

In 2003, Mike was certified as a local lay speaker in the United Methodist Church organization and began his further walk with Christ.  Through the years, he utilized his skills as a sound engineer paired with his IT background to help build a safe and comfortable worship environment for the community. 

Recently, the Lord guided Mike down a path to receive a degree in Psychology, opened his eyes and mind to the possibility that Jesus has plans for him that reach much further than the technology he has built his career on.  Fueled by a renewed passion for his family, church and God, he listened carefully when as he was called to ministry as a Pastor.

In his free time, when he’s not renovating his home alongside his wife, or spending special time with his family, he descends into his wood shop in his basement for some therapeutic ‘ukulele lutherie. 

 Karen is from a small town in upstate New York and has built a beautiful family with Christ at the head, followed by her husband and two boys: Ethan and Nick.

Worshiping at New Life UMC for more than 25 years before following her husband to help him pastor Pleasant Valley UMC.  Though she now attends Pleasant Valley UMC, she still finds herself employed to care for the New Life UMC with a passionate love as sexton.  

Karen loves music, and often will gift others with her amazing voice, many times while enjoying her passion for gardening and organizing, knitting, scrap booking.  You’ll very often find Karen with a book in hand reading anything she can get her hands on.  She loves all animals and adores being outside, even in winter (unlike her husband).



Church Property Hosts Community Garden

Earlier this spring our church offered some of it’s property to the town of Barkhamsted to create Community Garden spaces. Over a couple of months time, several raised beds were created and offered to the public for a small “rental” fee. The town provided the beds, the soil, the water using large tanks filled by the local fire department, and maintenance of the grounds. As the beds were claimed and planted, we all watched as the plants grew and were carefully tended. Here are some pictures from the early days in the garden and others show the growth of the gardens by mid-summer. They are all producing well and looking almost ready for harvest!

Pastor Mike and Karen have arrived!!

Well, we’re off to a great start! We welcomed Pastor Mike and Karen, and some of their family and friends, at the worship service Sunday morning. He let us know who he is…but more importantly what he is…a man who is a disciple of Jesus Christ! He invited us all to join with him to glory in the Lord’s grace and love. The coffee hour was well attended and enjoyed by everyone! We’re glad you’re with us Pastor Mike and we look forward to your guidance as we travel our road of faith together.