April Calendar for Community Food Bank

The April calendar for the Community Food Bank is shown below. To view it larger, just click on the calendar.

The Community Food Bank serves the towns of Barkhamsted and New Hartford. For additional information, call the phone number listed on the calendar page.

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2 thoughts on “April Calendar for Community Food Bank

  1. I’m just checking to see if you’re going to have Beanhole Suppers this year? I come from New Haven.

  2. Thank you for checking in with us regarding the Bean Hole Bean Suppers. At the present time, the suppers continue to be on hold until a decision is made by the church Conference as to the timing for opening of our buildings to the public. We hope that we will once again be able to offer these suppers soon. In checking our files, I find that you are still on our mailing list so you will be notified if the suppers can resume. Wishing you a safe and healthy year ahead!

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