Sharing Our Gratitude

Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church would like to sincerely thank the Auxiliary for Community Health for their assistance and donation of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) unit that will now be available in our church building should the need arise. Several months ago, a member of our congregation shared the story of her grandson whose life was saved at a high school athletic event when their AED unit was needed. While the idea of obtaining an AED unit had been discussed in the past, that story was instrumental in prompting Cathy Baum, a member of our church, to contact the Auxiliary for Community Health in Winsted and speak with Milly Hudak, who was instrumental in obtaining funding to procure the AED unit. Several members of our congregation have since received instruction on the use of this machine and while we hope it will never have to be used, we are grateful that it is available to help save a life.

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