Welcome Our New Pastor!

We are pleased to welcome our new pastor, Lee Gangaware, and his wife, Polly, to our church. Pastor Lee isn’t a new face to our church community, as he has been with us in worship many times over the past year. But now it’s official!

When asked to provide a brief bio for publication here, this is what he shared:

     Pastor Lee Gangaware has been in the ministry since 1972, and has served churches through 2015, and has filled pulpits for the last two years! He and his wife Polly have been married 47 years come this August 29th! They have two daughters “Hannah Gangaware and Elizabeth Frye”  and a Foster daughter “Elaine Morrigia”. They have 4 grandchildren: Julianna 16, Catherine 8, Jaron 18, and Jacob 21.

     They live in Colebrook, CT on 6 & 1/2 acres of farmland with 3 turkeys and 10 laying hens, assorted bobcats, owls, hawks, bears, lynxes, coyotes, and more!

     Pastor Lee has felt called out of retirement to “Prepare as many people as he can for heaven!”

We invite you to come and welcome Pastor Lee and Polly to our church on Sunday, July 2nd!


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