Lenten Bible Study announced.

This year the Lenten Bible Study will take place Sunday evenings at 7PM beginning on February 7th, and concluding on Palm Sunday evening. The study will be on “The ‘Eschatological Event’, or in Jesus’ words ‘the end times’. This topic will be explored using Biblical References such as found in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 13:1-27 and Mark 13:24-37, speaking about Christ’s return. It’s not a ‘predictive’ study of when or placing a ‘time’ for it to occur. However, it is a study to provoke thoughts and to introduce ‘peace’ – even in the midst of the storms (such as all that is occurring that produces fear and anxiety). Everyone is invited to attend; there is no charge but a donation basket will be available. Bring your Holy Bible and note book to take notes and to share your thoughts.


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