All Saints’ Day Remembrances

On Sunday, November 3rd, our service included a time of reflection and remembrance of loved ones who have gone on to be with the Lord over the past year. All Saint’s Day is an outward acknowledgement of what these people meant to those who are left behind. As you can see from the photo, a candle was lit for each person named in this celebration of life. The following persons were remembered during this time:

Dorothy Lavieri, Poochie Montgomery, Edna Irene Collins, Ethel Bailey, Herbert A. Adams, Jr., George Stickles, Peter North, Joseph M. Asher, John Tilley, Kitty Kelly, Walter Conrad, Eleanor Day, Katherine Bazzano, Kenneth Brunson, C.J. Bextell, Gregory Ayres, Eleanor Dominy, Bernie Passini, Ernest King, Virginia J. Bohn, Robert Hagen, Jose Velar, Sean Paul Burke, John Quihn, Shirla Matthews, Mort Hendrickson, Kenneth James Lamb, Diane Hogard, Eleanor Hulse, Barbara Winn, Walter Jespersen, Jr., Mary Roberge, Gertrude Samtinelli-Haas, Megan Marotte, Staff Sargent Michael Ollis, Laurel McConnell, Mary Tolinski, Yeon Ok Lee, and all the victims in the Newtown tragedy.

Rest in peace, dear ones.


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