Letter from Pastor Carl

I’ve been your pastor for only a few days, but during those few days I have had an enjoyable time of getting to know some of the members of this church.

My wife, Dainn, and I returned from a Volunteers In Mission (VIM) trip to Cochabamba Bolivia on July 4th. Diann came down with pneumonia the next day. She remained bed ridden for almost two weeks. I confessed (from the pulpit 7/12) that I was not a very good nurturer when it comes to taking care of her needs. So, someone picked up on that and sent me home with some flowers and some food left over from that wonderful reception on my first Sunday. Thank you. Diann was able to come with me for the next Sunday; her first time out. Thank you for the cards and the prayers.

I am the coordinator for the New York Conference sponsored VIM to Bolivia, so you will hear more about this as we journey together in the coming days. This is a Conference in mission led by a bishop in mission, Jeremiah Park.

Pleasant Valley UMC is also in mission right here, right now. Mission is all about building the body of Christ both at home and far away, so the world will know how great God is I want to get to know the people of this congregation. I will need your help. I plan to have office hours on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. You may drop in for a visit during those hours or we can set a time and date that better suits your needs. I’ll be available every Tuesday from 2 – 6 p.m. for other opportunities to get together.

I intend to be present at the scheduled Tuesday evening meetings as well. I would love to be invited for a meal before the meeting. On Sundays, following worship, I will be meeting with 8-10 people who sign up at the Bessie Table. This will provide another opportunity for us to exchange our stories and experiences. This kind of “getting together” will help me to serve as your pastor and leader for the coming days.

I envision my time with you as an opportunity to lead each other to the waters of God’s grace so that we may lead others to the possibility of falling in love with God in Christ Jesus.

Love, pastor Carl Franson

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