May Letter from Pastor Lynne

PLA friend of mine e-mailed me this week, asking, ”What happened to Spring?” I had to agree. We seem to have gone from near winter 40’s to near summer 80’s in a weekend. What happened to Spring was a very good question.

It lead me to think about how fast time passes these days (not of course because I’m getting older). Time passes quickly as life around us changes quickly. Communications arrive in milliseconds from around the globe. New technology is developed that allows us to accomplish more faster, leaving us with more time on our hands to fritter
away with more and more technicological gadgets and gizmos that numb our brains and our children’s’ brains and now even our babies brains!

And church? What about church? It is 3 weeks after Easter and what happened to the lilies? The trumpets? The Alleluia’s? Where did the mystery, the wonder of the empty tomb that drew us further and further into the darkness of Christ’s death and then into the blazing light of His glorious resurrection disappear to?

It is still there you know. It comes back to life as soon as you start to recall it. Doesn’t it? That awe. That stirring of mystery and wonder. That longing to greet the One risen from the dead. Be it “By the Old Rugged Cross”. Or, in the garden – when you “Come to the Garden alone”.

Keep that mystery and stirring alive in your life. Join your fellow disciples and share that mystery and wonder. Share it those who may be faltering a bit and need some bolstering. Come and have yours bolstered when in need. Come just to join in the Alleluia choruses and make you praises known on high.


Pastor Lynne

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