Bean Hole Supper Update

With the cold weather lessening and the ice leaving the ground, it’s time to think about the Bean Hole Bean Suppers.

Once again, as we’ve done for the past 50+ years, PVUMC will host four old-fashioned, bake ‘em in the ground, Bean Hole Bean Suppers. It’s believed that our tradition is one of the only two suppers in New England where the beans are still cooked all day in the ground.

If you’re a newcomer to the church family, you might not be aware that it requires 125+ jobs to be done in order to ensure that our customers enjoy a hearty meal in a pleasant setting. A description of the Bean Hole Bean Supper production can be found on the Bessie Table if you’re interested in learning all the details about these events.

Particularly important to PVUMC is the fact that these suppers are the largest fundraising event in which everyone participates. All monies raised will go to the church’s general fund and each supper has historically brought in between $1,500 to $2,000. This year, as finances become tighter and tighter, we are making every effort to keep the quality of our suppers high while keeping our pricing reasonable.

The dates for the suppers in 2009 are: April 25th, June 13th, September 19th, and October 24th.

Pudge Millahn has agreed to act as over-all chairperson for the Bean Hole Bean Suppers and she will be asking for your help as the committees begin gathering their volunteers. If you’ve never helped out before, or if you’re looking for more ways in which you can lend a hand, please contact Pudge directly at 379-7764.

It may not take a “village” to put on these suppers, but it certainly takes a whole church working together to get the jobs done.

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